Sermon Highlights: Imitating Christ

Sermon Highlights: Imitating Christ

Sunday 19, 2019:

Preacher: Sis. Denise Tang

Christ came to serve so Christians should be willing to serve

Submission, Service and Sacrifice-These are the three main qualities for imitating Christ

Christians should be willing to submit to the authority of the shepherds in the house

As a member of the body, you must be willing to take up service which will glorify the lord

Blessings of a job or kids should be the reason you are unable to serve God

AS Christ laid his life down for us we must be willing to give our time and resource for the advancement of his work.

More so when we been blessed we should be willing to bless our brethren

Christians ought to be intentional in our quest to imitate Christ

You must imitate Christ with everything in you.

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